Split with La Rupture

by Homesick.

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The packaging has been realised by our little hands, we've released 200 screeprinted CD's.


released October 18, 2013

Those three songs have been recorded by ourselves in Arthy's attic.
As usual, Chach mixed and mastered everything.
The art has been realised by Loulou from La Rupture.
Loulou sings on "The good days are far now..."

You can also find the La Rupture side on their bandcamp page : larupture.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-homesick




Homesick. Angers, France

Melodic hardcore punk band from Angers, France.

We used to write things and play songs, we used to tour... sometimes.

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Track Name: Homesick - Arthy's attic
Losing time and sleep, I won't be home on sunday, trying to give our lives a sense.
Wearing smelly shirts, in love with those desperate chords, those caves as a home to stay.
But is it just for sweat and fun ? Cause it still means more for us !
Now it's time to do something, to change their cold grey world, and make our words come true.
If just once we could try to stop faking it, (we've got) nothing to earn by being heartless.
If just once we could tryto stop faking it , we'd never become the ghosts this world needs.
Turn off your TV, get on your bike, call some friends,
Here is some chords now start a band !
Track Name: Homesick - The good days are far now...
Leave with the memories, deal with the remorse, the dear past seems far away.
How everything was easier before, but isn't always the way things look ?
People are still arguing : "You should make the most of these years, cause they're the best ones",
And every time I'm asking myself.
If these are really the good ones, sorry but I passed them by.
Track Name: Homesick - You, Me and everything else
You are here for long time now, the good days and the bad ones.
When everything looks desperate, you seem the only one who cares.
And when I think about who I am, I don't really find any answer,
I'm impressed about how I can be good at being lame,
And there's this constant pressure, that makes us crazy,
But fuck it, we're not dead yet !
It's about me and about you, it's about everything we do,
Hold my hand, we won't be alone this time seeing this world crumble.
I've got you and you've got me, and those nights with pizzas and coffee.
And if they hate us that's ok, it sounds cheesy but who cares ?
We will drive all night long,
Taking back our lives in our hands,
It's about the time we've spent,
Just about having someone you can call "friend".