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by Homesick.

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Enregistré en Avril 2012 dans notre grenier.
Mixé et masterisé par Bill Clarthur Boquet et Charles Q. "Le Grand".


released October 19, 2012

Le loup a été dessiné par Marion.
La version physique du disque a été rendue possible grâce aux copains de Des Ciseaux Et Une Photocopieuse.
Merci à eux.




Homesick. Angers, France

Melodic hardcore punk band from Angers, France.

We used to write things and play songs, we used to tour... sometimes.

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Track Name: Punk is more than those bands on my shirts.
It's more than just few notes played fast,
More than a song which kicks ass,
My everyday life soundtrack,
A social failure on my back.

Punk's more than those bands on my shirts,
It's the way I waste my money and my time,
A love story with noise and dirt,
And a wallet with some dimes.

Maybe we're losing our time,
Maybe we're wrong since it began,
This shitty romance for guideline,
Definitely more than all that.
Track Name: Ipkiss.
My life, my mess, all those shitty regrets,
All bandages I wear and this mask for safety.
My life, my mess, all those secrets well kept,
False life, false role, false identity.

There's The Mask on TV, and it's my favourite movie.
This is place where I seat, this the town where I ever leaved,
With all those people that I know but they even don't recognize me,
Tomorrow I'll go to work indeed.

With this mask on my face and this ghost I became,
Once again felt of my bed, nothing more in my head.
Track Name: U.F.O.
Growing up, getting bored,
Is it the way you see your life ?
Dead before you get old,
A necktie and a rusty knife.

Applauding your arty side,
So proud of feeling different,
Claiming you're above the mass,
I can't stand your arrogance !

Too late for regrets, to feel sorry,
You think I'm ok but I'm already fucked...
Track Name: Be inclusive kill exclusivity. (B.I.K.E.)
I watch the world from my bike,
The streets and the lights, every day and night.
Relieved of not being trapped,
Alone in metal, hello traffic jams !

Feeling you own the city, no gods, no rules, motorfree,
I love my bike, it takes me everywhere we can kill exclusivity

No one will drag me off of my bike !